LIORQUE 60 Minute Visual Timer for Kids, Silent Countdown Timer Clock, Time Management Kids Timer for Teaching Cooking, Pomodoro Timer with Pizza Design, No Loud Ticking

  • Time Management – Get a LIORQUE visual analog timer, say goodbye to Procrastination, Weak motivation, Game addiction, Ineffective learning & work, Lack of planning.
  • Easy to Use – 60 minutes visual timer. Turn the dial clockwise to adjust the time, then start timing. When time’s up, the visual disk disappears and the bell rings.
  • Adjustable – The alarm volume and duration are adjustable. 3-level of volume optional: Mute/Low/Loud; 2-kind of Alarm duration: 3 seconds/60 seconds.
  • No Loud Ticking – No ticking when the countdown timer is working, ideal for sound-sensitive environments.
  • Multipurpose Timer – It can be used as a kid timer, teacher timer, study timer, classroom timer, cooking timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, pomodoro timer, egg timer and etc.
  • Low Battery Remind – If the battery power is low, the timer will have an abnormal sound of “da, da, da…”, please replace the battery(2 x AAA battery).


Use Simple Tools to Make Things Easier

Visual timer allows children to see the passage of time, just like an hourglass, and they can simply understand how long 10 minutes is. At a glance, they can see how much time is left, which is easier to understand than reading numbers. This not only improves efficiency, but also enables time management and training concentration.

Visual Timing

Time visualization lets you know how much time is left just by glancing at it, rather than reading numbers to make sense of it.


No Ticking

The countdown timer does not make any sound during operation, allowing you to concentrate more when you are doing things.

Easy to Operate

Anyone can easily get started, just turn the knob to increase the time clockwise and decrease time counter-clockwise.

Adjustable Alarms

The timer can be set to two sound levels, high and low, and offers a choice of 3 seconds or 60 seconds of duration of the alarm.

Are you still suffering from these troubles?

The lack of the concept of time will cause children become less efficient, and often exceed the allowed videogame time, even unable to complete all the test questions within the time limits of the exam.

Visual timer is a good idea to train time sense!

The visual timer makes it easy for children to understand the length of time, and allows children to focus more on the matter at hand and to be more efficient. Developing a good sense of time is the foundation for more good habits!

Suitable for Several Occasions


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